In Asia Four species of vulture in  are now classified by the IUCN as Critically Endangered


Oriental white-backed vulture or White-rumped vulture[Gyps bengalensis] IUCN red list

Long-billed vulture [Gyps indicus] IUCN red list

Slender-billed vulture [Gyps tenuirostris] IUCN red list

Red-headed vulture or king vulture [Sarcogyps calvus] IUCN red list


  • Working status of vulture conservation

    Current time focus on vulture conservation in North West & Midal Rajasthan especially Bikaner, Churu, Shri Ganganager, Hanumangharh region are very important. This is very sensitive area regardingto bird conservation, but in governmental policy focusing only suchsite their vulture population took place all the year example- nearNational park, wild life conservation area and other places.